Sunday, 1 November 2009

Updating 1... 2... 3...

It has been some time since I posted, and for that I will start with an apology (if anyone actually reads this blog, of course). The simple fact has been that I haven't the time to write (or blog) particularly often these days, thanks to a degree and a course combination which has had me hit for six for the last two months.

Moving on from cricketing metaphors (we had quite enough of those in the last entry), the writing of late has been very, very slow. Labyrinthine Ways has had just 3 pages added to it in the past two months, while a new project has also been slow to get off the ground.

I should be pleased I'm still getting ideas. And ideas are something I can build on, whether I'm in practice or not. As things stand, I have some seven ideas to write, and two of those are active projects. When I have more time, I'll be more than capable of pushing on to get plenty of writing done. My latest project, an epic space opera going by the working title of Greatness Thrust Upon (after the Shakespearean quote - you know the one I mean) follows in the Dune tradition of men musing about power, only it has more spaceships and more gratuitous violence for the more blockbuster-inclined souls among you.

The story? I'm not giving that away just yet. Only a couple of people know I've even started work on this, and I'm keeping it close to my chest until I've got a good way into the project and I'm fairly confident I'll see it through.

If it's several months before I post again, don't be surprised, but, in the mean time, take care.